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Created 6-Aug-11
There are several sets of B&W pictures i've found.

The first set is a full 35mm B&W film. From the Judo pictures i'm pretty sure they are from mum's time at university, which should date them around 1960-63. I have no idea who most of the people are.

The second set is on a larger format film - 127 format or similar - and from her age i think they were taken at around the same time. She looks young in a couple of them though, so they might pre-date university. The ones with Mum and the woman and child are in a packet stamped with "G.H. Parker, Photographer, Goxhill, Lincolnshire".

The third is on 120 format film, and seems to be pictures of Nellie, Marjorie, Jim, Joe and possibly Jose. Some look like they were taken at the seaside, others at Thornton Abbey. If it really is Josie then i would date them as early 60's.

The fourth set is on very large format negatives (10x6cm or so in size), which must have been pretty expensive. I would guess these are taken by a photography enthusiast. I'm a bit stumped on dating them, but from the flags and stuff on view outside some of the houses i'm tentatively guessing it might be a coronation year, so 1911, 1936 or 1953. As some pictures look like they might be of a young Grandad, 1936 seems most likely. I am mostly stuck identifying everyone else, especially the middle aged man with 2 children.


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127 format

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127 format

120 format

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120 format

Large Format (Packet Labelled "Hewitt")

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Large Format (Packet Labelled "Hewitt")